Email forwarding and email export

Am I able to forward my emails to another service, and is there a way to export all of my emails to another service as well?

One option for “export” is to sync both services (murena and other service) with local installation of Thunderbird. Prerequisite: other service must support imap.

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How well does this work?

My other email provider mentioned the same Thunderbird method for exporting. Can only assume it works well.

Something similar may be possible on Android. In FairEmail I can move mail from one account to any other available account.

EDIT: …which I didn’t realize until seeing this thread. :slight_smile:

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It is interesting, @isle9, that you use the term “export” in this context. I might consider exporting copies of my emails somewhere … but if I understand your intention correctly …

I see my emails on the Murena server as a “dynamic” “live” thing, I see them all as part of my whole personal content on the email sever.

I connected my Evolution email client on my laptop to the Murena sever following this:

What I now have is Evolution contains an exact copy of all my emails and folders.

Any of

  • Evolution
  • Murena email app
  • my phone

can read email, send email, delete email in exact harmony. (This is the method of @obacht). I had no issues or errors at all doing this.

As Evolution was already connected to a different email service run by my home ISP, I am also able to copy and move email from one account to another should I wish.

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I have a free email account at It has a feature called 'Mail collector` which will collect e-mail from other e-mail accounts into your GMX account - either into the default inbox, or into a separate folder. I use it to pick up mail from the gmail account that I used in the past as a ‘throw-away’ email address, but it will also work for addresses.

You may want to give this improvement issue a thumb up :wink:

If you have a computer, there also are provider-independent solutions like MailStore Home for Windows.

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This is actually what I meant by export. I want to copy all of my emails from murena to another service.

Can I then forward those emails to another service? I don’t really want to use

Sorry - no idea! The GMX 'Mail collector` does what I want / need without forwarding

Then you would have to hunt round for an email provider that ofers a similar service. Sorry, but I don;t know of any off-hand

This is easy to do in a PC mail client such as Thunderbird. Add both accounts as IMAP services, let them collect the mail, then, in the e / murena inbox, select all, and copy to the inbox of the other account. It may be possible to do on a phone mail client app, but I don’t know of any. it’s certainly not possible on K-9 Mail

I seem to be stuck at this screen. I tried to login, but it just won’t let me. I followed this article as I usually do.

Yeah, I’ll try using this method since everyone is recommending it. And gmx can indeed forward emails.

I’m still stuck trying to add the murena email though.


From what I understand it should work for your scenario: you set up both accounts in TB (murena and other) and wait for the TB-murena-account to be synced with murena.
Then on within TB - there you simply manually copy (or move) the mails (or complete folders) from the murena -account to the other service’s account and that should be it (other service will be synced with new content from TB-account).

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It seems like it’s possible to set up Rainloop / snappymail filters to forward email.

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