Encoding issue on a document


I’m using onlyoffice through the SaaS Murena.
Today, I’ve got a popup when opening my document (cf photo attached)
It was about Encoding something
I didn’t know what to do, I click on: Ok.
Then I’ve got this result and impossible to retrieve my document with version history

Can you help me ?

Thanks a lot


you could turn to murena support. I wonder if you can recover anything through the file-browser-view instead of through onlyoffice.

What you see in the screenshot is a unparsed docx document. I guess there was some byte corruption what prompted the “encoding something” dialog.

There have been reports of data loss in onlyoffice and thus users asking for Collabora - https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/6218

Thanks for your answer!
Shoud I go to gitlab to report to murena support?

if you’re a paying subscriber, contact the support sure (if not you can still try but need to ask yourself with what resources they’re supposed to fix it).

Did that file “2024_ODJ-CR.docx” if downloaded ever opened in a local office program?

If I’d be methodical, I’d restore the file from a backup and look at binary differences to the one that is opened unparsed (ignoring pure content changes).

Thanks tcecyk

How can I restore? From which backup?
What information can I get with the binary differences?

I don’t know if the file were ever opened in a local office program. I’m asking

sorry, that was misleading. You do not have access to backups. You’ll need support from server people to do this. As said I think this avenue is open if you are a customer to murena.

But for what you can do: if it opens in onlyoffice even if wrongly-opened, the file should still be there in the file browser. If you try to open this from an offline office app, what happens?