eOS 1.8.1 echo on Samsung S7, goes away with 1.9-Beta

I have the non speaker Echo problem on my samsung S7 SM-G930F, someone here is suggesting the problem goes away on 1.9-beta.

How does one enable upgrade to ‘beta’ versions, and if one only wants it for this upgrade, can you get off the beta upgrade path for following upgrades, ie so bacl to normal upgrades.

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That would almost be too good to be true …I believe it when I see it (I should better say: not hear it) :slight_smile:

where and who?
the gitlab issues you mention over here aren´t even assigned…

edit: translation corrected

Here is activity:

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agreed :slight_smile: sounds promising (I admit I did not read that far), let´s hope for the best! :+1:

apologies, I’ve just re-read the thread, from what I read 1.9-beta doesn’t ‘restore’ speaker off ‘no echo’ functionality,if it ever existed at all.

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ah, too bad
despite my scepicism I was tempted to believe :slight_smile:
but no worries