eOS support for Cubot P50

If possible, I pled for implementing your great system on the Cubot P50. Actuall it is running stock Android 11.

Thank you very much

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…have you tried search GitHub for (re)sources ?

If you find useful trees, please edit your request-post like this one.


Also worth searching XDA Forums to see what custom ROMs are available for your device. /e/OS is built on LineageOS, so if there is no official or unofficial LOS ROM for your device, then /e/OS is a long way off and will probably never happen.

Sadly, searching for Cubot P50 suggests that there are no custom ROMs at all for this device.

A wider search for cubot p5 custom rom gives similar results.

In this case, your only chance would seem to be a Generic System Image (GSI). Search these forums for details of how to find and install the /e/OS GSI