Error 7 when installing e/os

Iv came very far now.
But now I get a error 7.
Please take a look at the file.

Any help?

@piero sorry for the many bumping

The forum search function is your friend:

A review of the results shows some threads which may help get you past this hurdle:


Android 10 originally and now on oreo.
Everything is working well for now.
so happy. I actualy have no idea how I got it working. I just messed around did a reboot and tried again and boom. There we have it

Congratulations, glad you got it sorted. :+1:

Yeah me to. I was first stuck in a bootloop I thought I bricked it but than I messed a bit and now eos is installed. So ok, everything seems to be fine.
what do I do now? How do I get my apps from my old phone like expressvpn on my new phone?
Its not there in the custom app store.

use f-droid and Aurora from f-droid. But keep in mind, most paid apps won’t never work on eOS

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