[SOLVED] Error 7 when flashing /e/ ROM on Samsung Galaxy J5 2015



Hi everybody !

I’m getting this error (look at the screen). Actually I think I know why :
at the line “E3004: This package is for device: j5nlte, j5nltexx : this device is .”, my device code name (j5nlte) should appear (but it doesn’t), so I suppose the code name of my device have been erase during the wiping and because there is no match betweem my device code name (which doesn’t exist anymore) and the compatible devices list code name of the ROM, an arror occur.

What do you think about my theory and how to solve that issue please ?

I’ve actually found some tips like this one (go to “METHOD 1”) which seems logical but I would like expert advices before modifying the ROM (it could creates some troubles with OTA uptading or launch an atomic bomb I don’t know)


Problem solved ! Thanks to that tutorial.

But I haven’t delete all the “assert” section, I have juste add the third line in order to approuve the installation in a smartphone called " " (because in the error message it was written “this device is .” (meaning the name of my phone is an empty thing, I don’t know why).

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