Error while sending emails

I am facing a issue while Sending email via SMTP.
Whenever I try to send a email either from phone using K9mail or via PC or just through browser I get error that LOCAL_BL_FROM.

From other posts I got that I am in blacklist of Maybe Management of Efoundation and I need to talk to support helpdesk.

Is it correct that I need to talk to them,Is ther any other way to fix it?


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I guess your sending rate was too high. Did you send much mail (or group mail) in a short time frame?

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Actually I was using deltachat so that problem arrived.
Got problem and solution let me mail helpdesk and wait.

Thanks to all

Deltachat users run into this quickly, maybe better limits can solve this. As in: burstable and averaging over half an hour instead of mere minutes. Then throttling instead of blocking

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