Errors after having upgraded to '1.0-20220526188859 , Android10, May 26, 2022'

Yesterday I upgraded from 1.0-2021…something to ‘1.0-20220526188859 , Android10, May 26, 2022’. Now I receive several errors:

  • Trebuchet keeps stopping
  • Signal app not starting
  • NordVPN app not starting

So I think about to fallback to some older e/OS published in 2022. But after having installed the latest e/OS the ‘systems update’ does not offer the old ones. I would like to know:

  1. how can I fallback from the current e/OS ?
  2. what might be wrong with ‘1.0-20220526188859’ that prevents some apps from starting?

Thank you in advance.

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This leads me to my
According to the table the eOS versions Nougat (stable) and Oreo are supported. That matches with the new installed version:

But I see no hint how to fallback…

Isn’t your phone one of thoose who received the ota os upgrade from pie to q? Maybe thats the reason…

sorry, what means ‘ota’ and ‘from pie to q’? I am not familiar with these abbrevations :thinking:
I installed a system upgrade that was offered in the settings, so I assumed that this upgrade is compatible with my hardware (that I bought from e-foundation…)

Your installed version at the moment is Android 10 (q) 1.0. Since you bought your device at the /e/ shop you should have been running Android 9 (pie). With 1.0 /e/ made a major upgrade available, other devices can’t do that because it must be implemented for every device. I assume with that major upgrade you lost the older version with pie to have a fallback.

I hope this clears it a bit up, there are alot of deeper explanations on the forum.

You might want to ask in this post, if I am right:

Thank you for the hints and links. Yes, it reads as if Android10 is wrong for my device. In case of yes it must not be offered when checking the System updates of the device. I am going now to ask the helpdesk.

It actually is correct for your device :wink:

It’s mentioned here:

As mentioned earlier, we do aim to upgrade the build to Android 10 or /e/Q. The plan is to deliver this upgrade OTA. No ETA’s for now.
Week 09, 2022 : Development and Testing Updates

In case Android10 is correct for my device: should I have installed all upgrades from 2021… consecutively or does ‘1.0-20220526188859 , Android10, May 26, 2022’ include all upgrades since then?

Yes, then you are most up to date and didn’t miss out. Did yo contact the support? Since you bought one from shop you should get help there.

So the S7 has had an OTA Android version Upgrade.

This is a leading edge facility for /e/. Phones which have previously been lagging in Android version were upgraded Over The Air. The information is contained in the #development-updates link already provided.

Your image shows you fully upgraded. There is no need to think about going back to pickup other increments (/e/ does not work like this).

I hope you get used to Android 10 – it should be an improvement all round.

e-1.0 may be more difficult to adjust to. If you have issues please try to be specific.

Perhaps try not to give the phone more to do if it seems to have difficulty “keeping up” :slightly_smiling_face: .

Thank you for all the hints. It is good to know that Android10 should work on my device. Yes, I contacted helpdesk, but finally we do not have a solution. Possibly I need to give it a try to de- and re-install failing apps. At least it helped for Signal app.
I also experienced that e-1.0 is more difficult to adjust…actually I fight with GPS and location, it takes much longer now to determine the location almost precicely.

I will keep you informed.

So you have become aware of Advanced privacy > Manage my location.

This new feature will spoof your location. Once you are aware of it this issue should become clearer.