Eta/timeline for minimal ROMs?

Hi there @GaelDuval,

Is there a concrete timeline for the planned minimal release version or uninstallable default apps?

Do you want a issue for this on and collecting votes for it to visualize the demand?


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This is still in the plans, but we have to find more resources for implementing this, because there are so many things to do, and with liimted resources you have to focus, otherwise you do crap for everything.
Sure that can be pushed as an issue on GitLab.

:ok_hand:Thank you for the reply. To clarify I am not talking about removing the core apps that make /e/. Just about addional ones. Magic earth, torch and other optional stuff. Effort in that case is probably more on pipeline end than on ROM itself and increased resources for build and storage?

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/e/ minimal its just /e/ with less preinstalled apps? or something else?

just /e/ with less preinstalled apps

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