Ethernet on Zenfone 8

I’m trying to use a wired connection on my Zenfone 8 with a USB-C to Ethernet adapter. For some reason, it only works if I restart the device with the adapter already plugged in. Then it will work as expected until I unplug the device.

I’ve successfully shared connection through USB from my phone to a laptop before without issues. I can also use the same USB-C to Ethernet adapter just fine with my laptop. Both devices were put in airplane mode for the testing.

I saw in this forum post that using Ethernet should be supported since /e/OS 0.14. Am I missing something or is this a bug that should be reported?

Hi Gquirt,

Im using on my Zen8 a Delock Flat Ribbon Cable USB-C 2.0 to Ethernet Gigabit adapter, since about four month, so prior to /e/OS 0.14. It works somehow, but the connection is not always stable, loosing it for no reason sometimes.
Replugging the Ethernet or USB connector does the job usually. But, I don’t have to restart the phone for getting the Ethernet connection, I just put it on flight mode and plugin, that’s it!

Just on the side line, from my experience with Ethernet connection and my phone. It has to be a USB-C 2.0 to Ethernet adapter, since the Zen8 comes with USB 2.0 interface only. I tested with a USB 3.0 Ethernet adapter from a Notebook, but it did not work.

Performance is good, the Delock Flat Ribbon Cable USB-C 2.0 to Ethernet Gigabit adapter can max out the USB 2.0 interface, getting transfer speeds up to 34MB/s. But I can not fully recommend the Delock Adapter, it is a bit chubby, unfortunately.

Ah. Mine is a USB 3.0 adapter, so that’s probably why it’s having issues. I’ll try getting a 2.0 one.

Thanks for the help!

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