Ethernet tethering / Connect notebook with internet over phone with Usb-Ethernet Adapter and Lan-cable

I have a Fairphone 3+ with the latest e OS update and I want to use ethernet tethering, but it does not work.
There is no option for this.

Are there other possibilities to get it work?

Thanks for help

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Please see this topic …

According to this, it seems to be a question of using the right adapter, and using /e/OS based on Android 9 didn’t seem to work.
As /e/OS on the Fairphone 3/3+ can currently be Android 9, 10 or 11 depending on how it was installed, what exactly does it say for you in Settings - About phone - Android version (tap on it) - /e/OS version?

What about the Wi-Fi hotspot feature of the phone or USB tethering?


Hotspot and tethering > USB tethering on


USB Preferences (with phone connected to PC/Laptop) > USB tethering

If you want phone to always be in tethering mode under developer options see:

Default USB configuration > USB tethering

Thanks for all your answers.

If I connect me to my home network with the ethernet adapter on my phone it works. I can open websites even if the phone is in flightmodus…so it is not about the adapter. (But then it runs over the modem at home)
In a “chain” - “diagram”:
Internet (landline) → Modem (at home) → Switch → LAN-Cable → LAN-Adapter (to USB-C) Phone. This works fine! But that was not my concern.

There is android 10 on the phone. Android 11 has the possibility for Ethernet tethering.

USB-Tethering does not work with the Lan-Adapter. It can not be activatet.

The “Chain” should be like this.
Internet → phone → Lan-Adapter (USB-C) → Lan-Cable → Notebook

(Meanwhile I use a USB-Cable or Hotspot, But the Cable is often to short - there is often no good connection far from windows or doors and I also do not want to use wifi when I work on the notebook)

I hope they (e OS) will make soon an update to Android 11 - then the problem is solved.

One Idea I will try is an old router (if I find it :-), and I hope it works), where I can connect the phone and then share it with my devices over LAN.

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