Evernote app failing at login

I would like to use the Evernote App on /e/ OS (I know, I know… ultimately I’d like to use something else, but I have thousands of notes there which I’ll need at least in the short term!)

It is available from the Installer, but every time I try to login it says "Login Error You cannot sign in at the moment. This is likely caused by a bad connection to the internet".

It’s not an issue with my login, I’ve checked and double-checked it and it works fine logging in on other devices. It’s also not an issue with my wifi/network, as that’s working fine for every other app.

I’d like to help get this fixed, but I’m not sure where to start. Is there a log file I can dig out that could help explain the issue? Or any ideas already what the issue could be? (I’m cross-posting this on the Evernote support forums too in case that’s the way I need to go). Thanks!

I found it worked OK after I uninstalled and re-installed from the Aurora Store instead!

So no problem for me now, but if I can help to solve it not working from the /e/ OS app store please let me know.