Excessive Data Usage

I am having trouble with hugely excessive data usage. See pic of usage graph below. 433GB of WiFi data in 2-3 days, gone up to 439 since pic was taken. Mobile data has also seen a huge usage 12GB in a few days. About half of that is included in my contract and about half is charged at 0.03£/MB, almost £200 bill. Service provider has cut off services due to high usage and high bill.

I reinstalled /e/ this week so most settings are defaults as they come out of the box.

My ecloud.global account is full. Is this related? Is the phone repeatedly uploading the last taken pictures and videos? What is the other explanation?

You can see from the pic below that the majority of the usage is from the OS and not the browser or other app.

I was going to donate to /e/ but the bill mentioned above will delay that!!

Yes it has to do with the ecloud account and is a known issue.

You can disable the syncing in /e/-Nougat Settings -> Accounts -> /e/.

Was there an announcement in the community forum or in the telegram channel about this issue?

I am not aware of an announcement about this issue in the forum or in the Telegram-/e/-announcement channel. Besides from the previously linked gitlab-issue this problem was also discussed in the Telegram-/e/-support-channel a few times.

Hi @vincent.bourgmayer F.Y.I an issue similar to https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/os/android/issues/15