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I’m using Mull and happy with it. There are extensions available as in Firefox. They are limited though. Does any know if it’s possible to install an extension manually as in Firefox?


I’ve never managed it. I’d love to get Redirector working for Farside instead of some Tampermonkey hack.

It’s a restriction for all Firefox mobile products. Thank goodness uBlock0 has been blessed for mobile use.

Thanks for that. I kinda guessed that was the case. Do you have any suggestions for a cookie destroyer? Other than closing a page

If you don’t mind changing browsers you could go with Iceraven which supports a lot more extensions.

you can change to some IceRaven addon collection.

  • Settings
  • About Mull
  • Tap Mull name until it says “debug menu enabled”
  • Go back
  • Custom add-on collection
  • Set owner to: 16201230
  • Set name to: What-I-want-on-Fenix

Font Github


That is bloody brilliant LilBeth. Many thanks. So good


@LilBeth that custom addon collection is really useful, thanks.

@cliffhanger I see that Cookie Autoclean is available there. That’s my go-to one on desktop for certain configurations. I can’t make head nor tail of what it’s asking me to do to my Total Cookie Protection on Mull though, when I try to install it.

In all honesty, for causal browsing, Total Cookie Protection (Enhanced Cookie Protection: Strict) plus deleting cookies when I close my last tab is absolutely file - and in Mull, “Private Mode by default” will do that. I’m very much with the Arkenfox user.js recommendations on extensions and cookie managers: you generally don’t need a cookie destroyer on desktop Firefox derivatives because cookie removal on exit + Total Cookie Protection + site exceptions generally works. On desktop.

On mobile Mull, sadly one can’t make exceptions. So I use Normal and Private tabs to manage it there.

For non-casual persistent logins to stores and sites, I can use normal tabs instead of Private ones. Firefox’s builtin TCP+uBlock Origin, plus /e/OS’s builtin Advanced Privacy handles the cross site tracking junk adequately still, even if normal Mull tabs keep cookies (but siloed by site, in Enhanced Cookie Protection: Strict mode)

uBlock0 is definitely the extension to learn, and is best run in a slightly stricter mode than its default easy-mode. It’s readily available on desktop and mobile, and it’s Good. I wish there was a little guidance about what each source of random JS fluff actually does from within its UI.


Many thanks for the suggestions. I too use the Cookie Autodelete on the desktop in Librewolf with uBlock.

There’s a longer article on custom Fennec/Mull collections on David Miller’s blog, use duckduckgo search term “Using Fennec or Mull for Extensible and Secure Browsing on Android”. I don’t want to link it directly because that triggers the spam detector. The author writes, giving the collection they maintain as an example

The owner’s ID is the number towards the end (13832789) and the collection name is the last part (“Add-ons”). Note that if you don’t want to create a Mozilla ID or a collection, you can use mine, whose URL I just posted here; I use many, although not all, of the extensions in this collection.

What stumped me was that the Mozilla userid and the collection name need to be typed into Fennec/Mull exactly as written in the URL. The name isn’t just an arbitrary string, it has to be the one with This-style-of-slugification on the end of the collection’s URL.

If you’re looking at a collection’s web page (can’t paste the URL here, sorry), I think the collections update when the maintainer alters the list of extensions being presented, not (I hope!) when the extensions themselves update.

Thanks achadwick. Will look at that.

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