Extra life for my ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M1 (X00TD)

I’m new here on the forum, but just a quick post to share my thoughts on the /e/OS on my ASUS X00TD (my model is X00TDb)[ Brazilian variant] but the ROM flashed correctly.
I’ve searched for a custom ROM for months using my stock pie 063 firmware and since then all the custom roms led the phone to heat up just by turning the screen on and the use was impossible.

I discovered the /e/ over a search and tried. First impression was 'I can’t live without Google!" it was difficult but after getting back to stock, reflashed because some apps now are no longer running on android 9… so thanks to e/ i’m able to keep this phone for years to come with the last 1.15 update to 13. All great things to this system. Battery backup is great, connection is working fine, speed and the security up to date. :smiley:

Keep the great work and supporting this device!

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x00td user here too.
Never experienced such issues you got.
Maybe cause you run a bit old firmware, 063, or maybe caused by personal settings, installed apps and so on, don’ t know.
As far as i know, best firmware for us is 087 p release, the last one before the latest q release shipped by asus.
In my opinion, we actually got some good roms, over the years.
Coming from a rock solid official lineage20, i recently landed to e os, t release.
Wanted and waited t a bit, thinking i was, with lineage, on the same android version since months and finally it arrived.
Can confirm all you experienced about e os on our device.
E os team, you have got two happy new e users here !

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I’ll give a try with the 087 firmware. 063 had been stable to me for a long time. I hope with /e/OS it works fine too! :smiley: Glad another x00td user also have had a great experience with /e/! Looking forward for a stable rom from the team! As a dev release it feels really good <3

EDIT: After a long search for a FOTA 087 found it, and flashed /e/ again. By far it’s all different for the good. The screen brightness improved a lot! Feels a lot better. I’ll be testing the system again and see what I see different from now on :smiley:

Hi there, I’m also a X00TD user.
I also faced the same heating issue, got fixed after relocking the bootloader. I’ve used almost every ROM available for our device & can confirm that e/os is one of the legendary ROMs i’ve ever used. Currently i’m beta testing A14 on our device. If everything works fine, A14 for x00td will be release in upcoming week.
Byw you can also use any ROM (vanilla build without flashing gapps) to get de-googled experience. Or any ROM with gms compat support to use sandboxed play service.

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