Facebook in Shelter?

Is it ok to install Facebook in Shelter? Someone doing this? Obviously Facebook is very invasive app, but if all permissions are limited and isolated in Shelter what can it actually see except inapp activity? Can it detect my Sim cards? Phone numbers?

Maybe you could use “Frost” from FDroid. I think it’s a better solution.

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I used Shelter for putting WhatsApp on the /e/phone of my partner. It works well.
(Also see Ohne mein WhatsApp geht nichts and WhatsApp einsperren (Shelter unter Android)).

I guess it can see your Sim card, as that is needed for connections.
I know that for WhatsApp: it cannot see your general contact list: you can make a separate contact list in Shelter (which is then only used for that WhatsApp install.)

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@Nicolas_Sas Unfortunately it seems Frost may no longer be maintained.

This maybe worth looking into…

Minds… alternative to Facebook

“Minds is an open source social network dedicated to Internet freedom. Speak freely, protect your privacy, earn crypto rewards and take back control of your social media.”


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This seems interesting.

Friendly Social Browser

Putting Facebook in Shelter should help some. But Facebooks big privacy intrusion comes from everything people upload to their servers. All the pictures that are scanned with facial recognition software, making a list of all your family and friends, and scanning all the messages in Messenger, and selling all this information is where you have no privacy. There’s no real way to protect your privacy on Facebook.


Including contact lists of your unsuspecting (and non-consenting) anti-Facebook friends and family. (So, people, please don’t upload those.)

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Protecting against contact lists is where Shelter Frost and Slimsocial will help protect your privacy

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Arghh, thanks for this informations i do not know this.

But for minds it don’t seems to be so privacy friendly :


Same for friendly :


@Nicolas_Sas If you go the Minds website they offer a Direct Download for Android.

This version has a direct update path and no google anything when it comes to trackers. Check out the website.

As for permissions Minds is actually very powerful and can do and offers a lot. Like anything app you can control what permissions you give any app. That’s up to you.

Keep in mind that going to Minds from Facebook you literally cut the permissions down by half, 60 to 32. That’s a lot of permissions cut out right there. So with that as a comparison, if a person wants to cut out tons of permissions, that’s not a bad start at all.

Same goes for friendly social. You can control the permissions. Again you are cutting the amount of permissions down by almost half.

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