Failed to install TWRP on Galaxy S4

Hi everyone, i wanted to install on a Galaxy S4 but the TWRP installation failed.
These are my steps :
$ adb reboot bootloader [reboot well on the ODIN MODE]
$ heimdall flash --RECOVERY twrp.img --no-reboot [the blue bar shows and complete. Also upload is complete]

When i reboot with home + Volume Down + Start Button, it goes back to ODIN NODE page and i don’t know why !

I use a Manjaro Linux Laptop thanks

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A well-known problem, but easy to solve. The decisive step starts here:

  1. disconnect the S4…from the … PC
  2. remove the battery for a few seconds
  3. insert the battery as described above and start the S4… in TWRP mode by pressing the key combination on the S4…

Read more here.

Another variant (also for devices without possibility to remove the battery).

The decisive step starts here:

  • Holding the VOL(-) and HOME and POWER buttons simultaneously until the screen goes dark;

  • as soon as the screen goes dark, immediately release the VOL (-) button and press VOL(+) and HOME and POWER simultaneously until the TWRP Recovery start screen is displayed;

You can use « volume down + power » to turn off the device