Fairphone 3 app update error from v1.14 to V1.15

I have a Fairphone 3 with version 1.14-s-20230815320616-stable-FP3 installed. Despite trying to clear the installation cache, when I try to open the update section the app (settings → update) closes instantly. Is there any way to run the update manually and fix the problem?

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I guess you saw: Issues with the Updater and a solution but earlier a solution with adb was proposed: Week 37, 2023: Development and Testing Updates

The fix for the issue was to clear the updater cache and storage … passing a shell command

adb shell pm clear org.lineageos.updater

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Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately even clearing the cache from the terminal the update app crashes when opened

I cleared not only the cache but also the storage.

Just to reassure, adb shell pm clear org.lineageos.updater

Deletes all data associated with a package.

We’re having this problem with my wife’s FP3. Are there any developments? Does the adb command above help? It’s not clear in this thread.

Did you already cleared the cache and storage of the updater app?

Yes, thank you, @Lidwien.

We found another thread that covered it and her phone has updated successfully.

Thanks again.
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Can you tell what you did or which thread it was?

Hi Lidwien,

It’s this one.

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