Fairphone 3 charges very slowly

Hello everyone,
Since a few days, my FP3 is almost not charging (+10% only in 8 hours).
It doesn’t announce “slow charge” and the indicator lamp lights up normally, but in “battery”, nothing says that it charges.
I recently switched from eOS 1.2 to 1.3; it seems to me that the problem has happened since then.

I tried to turn off the power, remove the battery for a few moments, then start again: same result.
I tried another cable/charger that works on another phone: same result.

When I turn it off and plug in the charger, the FP3 shows “Fairphone”, then black screen, then “beep”, then shows “Fairphone” again, then black screen… A cycle lasts about 15 sec.

Other than that, it works normally.

Any ideas?

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In my case (FP3) this happened only once (on 1.2). After pulling the accu it charged again as expected.

see also here … “changed milestone to %/e/OS v1.4 1

Thanks for your suggestion.
I removed the battery during 24 hours, but unfortunately no change

I have similar behaviour with a FP3+

Updated to 1.3 (1.3-20220905216076) recently, I think since then:

  • Battery seems to drain a lot faster (phone died a couple of times overnight, which very rarely happened before)
  • Charging is sometimes very slowly

Chargers+cables that used to charge fine before don´t anymore.

Also, depending on the rotation of the USB-C connection it either:
Orientation 1: Sees the charger, but doesn´t show text it is charging (either “Charging slowly” or “Charging”). The LED lights up as it used to do to indicate a charger/USB connection is made.
Orientation 2: Starts charging. Sometimes slowly and sometimes normally. What causes slowly or normally to happen I haven´t been able to define yet. Unplugging and plugging in again can make a difference. Rotating the cable a couple of times too.

The text is correct: when it states “Charging slowly” it does so slowly and when it is states “Charging” it goes really fast.
The rotation is consistent: with 2 different cables I have to insert them in a certain rotation (shown by a logo on the cable) to be able to charge (slowly). When I put the cable in the other rotation by rotating 180 degrees it never charges.

Same behaviour. After a while, unplugging the charger helps to get to the e/os loading screen and it starts ok, but with a near empty battery.

Also, both Windows 10 and Linux (Pop_OS! 22.04 LTS) don’t recognize the phone anymore.
The phone also does not give me an option to switch USB-mode from charging to file access/tethering/…