Fairphone 3+ compatibility

Unfortunately at the moment we do not have a way to update the OS version without a complete wipe. We are working on modifying the updater to be able to upgrade OS …it works on a S7 and if I remember the test was to update Nougat to Oreo…not sure there was much progress after that. The reason was essentially we did not want to mess up user devices with such a big change flowing out on all / more devices.

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I wonder if someone has good experience with/e/ os Q and Fairphone 3+?
I only see bad experiences.
I’m happy with my Faiphone3 with /e/ os 0.12 Pie but I bought the new camera updates and wonder when is a good time to upgrade.
Maybe wait for a while?

As user of FP3+ since the first release of /e/ q, I have not had any bad experience until now. I’m a new /e/ user, and am really glad with it.
I’ve had some issues, but the most important ones have been fixed really quickly.


Here’s another positive experience :smile:
I also bought a FP3+ recently, installed /e/ OS Q on it and I am really pleased.
The only bugs I encountered so far are slow camera switching between front and back and that I am not able to set different colors of the notification LED for different applications. I consider both of them to be minor inconveniences only.

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@Manoj: Now there are at least two (thendriks and me), who bought the camera update and await an easy installer update without data loss.
Maybe it is the wrong forum here, but I don’t want to loose the context, therefore a stupid question, if the updater/installer won’t come soon: Would it work for me, if I did a backup with adb for the apps and app data, and then restore it on Q, or at least the data?
Is there any working backup-service in /e/ for such cases, in case of phone changes or factory resets?
And I am missing a full working TWRP on the preinstalled FP3/e for doing backups there. Can I add TWRP still now without data loss?

I want to avoid all the new registering on banking accounts and other services.

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Might still work for you, but you have been warned :wink: .

No. You would need to unlock the bootloader for this, and unlocking the bootloader will force a factory reset.

I think your best bet is to wait for the OTA upgrade then.

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I am supporting this request. Is there a (very rough) timetable when we could expect an automated updating progress from pie to Q for the FP3? e.g. 1 months, 3 months, half a year? Or is it not at all currently being worked on?

I am also unsure whether to upgrade manually with all the hassle involved or if waiting for a short while (see above) would be better.

Thank you @Manoj for a short reply.

Hi, I am also eagerly waiting for an update that will allow me to use the new camera+ on my Fairphone 3. Since a few months it is said that they are working on an update until October. Now it’s December, I installed update 0.13 on my FP3, but the camera still doesn’t work.I’m not a hardware professional and not a programmer, but just a “simple” smartphone user who wants to use his smartphone AND the camera without all kinds of obstacles, reinstallations, non-existing backup solutions and resets. Fairphone has produced bullshit here. There should have been a clear indication that the camera+ does not work with /e/. I’m not a hardware professional and not a programmer, but just a “simple” smartphone user who wants to use his smartphone AND the camera without all kinds of obstacles, reinstallations and resets. Fairphone has produced bullshit here.There should have been a clear indication that the camera would not work in an FP3 with /e/.

This is not correct. The new camera modules do not work with Android 9, be it /e/ or Fairphone OS. On Android 10 they work.

This, sadly, is true. There will be no simple way to update /e/ OS based on android 9 to android 10 in the near future.


So what can I do? Switch to Android 10, which I, because of goolag, do not want to do? Wait for an /e/ update that solves the problem with the camera? Fairphone clearly writes on their website that /e/ OS will soon work with the camera+ in an FP3… I think /e/ OS is great, but if there is no simple solution to this problem, or if I have to reinstall everything several times in the future to be able to use the new FP camera module sometime (when?), /e/ OS is useless for my purposes. I just don’t have the time and the desire to deal with such problems so extensively anymore. But what alternative is there?

Sorry, I should have made clearer that the camera of course also works with /e/ OS based on Android 10. I am running /e/ on my FP3+ and the camera works :wink:

Still the inconvenience of having to perform a new installation to get from /e/ 9 to /e/ 10 remains :frowning_face: .


Hi Ijahn, is there a guide somewhere on how to install from /e/ Android 9 to /e/ Android 10? That would help me a lot. Thanks for your help in advance!

As far as I know, the manual upgrade procedure is in no way different from a normal installation.
You unlock the bootloader, boot into fastboot, flash the new images,… the usual stuff, just follow the instructions on the website. All your data is lost in the process.

If you already have an unlocked bootloader, there may be ways to backup and recover your data. I’m no expert on this (mine is locked :wink:), but the forum search is your friend :smiley:

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about backup and restore data, you may find some help here : [HOWTO] Backup and Restore Data on Android Devices

I am also currently facing the camera+ issue on my FP3+ and as I understand it, there won’t be a simple way in the near future to change from android 9 to android 10 on /e/, so I decided to just use the old camera modules until then. However I was wondering if someone knew where/how/if we will be informed about it, so that I can be notified about that particular update coming out ?
Thanks a bunch!

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As mentioned in previous posts…there is no OTA method to update the OS as of today. The default Updater throws an error when it detects a higher level OS . We had a developer work on modifying this and he was able to get it working for a Samsung device. That means for one particular model of Samsung we were able to upgrade the OS by sending the ROM OTA. The development stopped at this point mainly due to lack of resource and also because further development would require detail testing on multiple devices. We were also worried about bricking user devices if this was not properly tested. For now the development has been stopped on this. Hope to get it restarted in the next couple of months. If there is any progress on this I shall put out an update here.


Would it make sense to use the topic below as a central point of information? I mean the title perfectly fits. If this was the information I was looking for, that would be the place I’d look at first:

Maybe this could be pinned to the Fairphone category so that it would always be on top for this specific device? It feels like every topic around the FP3 draws the same OTA upgrade question sooner or later :smiley:

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@Manoj: I am enthusiastic about the combination of /e/ and the Fairphone.
I supported and still am supporting and using /e/ with other phones.
So I had pleasant anticipation for the support of the Fairphone.
It was advertised as full support. I am using it for all my daily usage.
For me it is no support, if I have full data loss for an update.
I understand all your worries about bricking user devices and of course I understand lack of ressources.
But for a supported phone (and especially one, which fits so good) I expect an OTA to Android 10 without data loss as an implicitness.
Sorry for the hard words but I am really annoyed.
So would you please organize to change your priorities?
The backup documentation is not helpful because on the Fairphone is no TWRP preinstalled. If I would install it, there would also be data loss.


A friend bought a Fairphone3+ with /e/. He has the problem that in the middle of a phonecall the phone dies and he has to put the battery out and in again. Is this issue Android Q in combination with Fairphone?
I’m happy with Fairphone 3 and Android 9 and still wonder if I should upgrade.
Anybody a clue?

@Manoj: Hope you are fine and all of /e/-team are healthy.
I am still enthusiastic about FP3 with /e/ and
I am still waiting for an Android 10 update. The new camera is waiting in the drawer since months.
So do you have any check list for doing it manually or semi automatically without any data loss?
Do you have perfectly working backups, which can be restored without loss after update?
Any tips which can help?