Fairphone 3+ /e/ v0.23 Crash on receiving digital call

Following the recent update to /e/OS 0.23 on FP3+ a couple of issues occured:

  1. Everytime I receive a call on Signal or Threema the device ceases to respond after a couple of seconds. During the first few seconds I can hear the caller (but the caller cannot hear me), then the screen goes black and the only way to get it back working is by rebooting the phone.

Calling (out) with the same apps does work without issues.
Calling (out) and being called (in) via phone does work.

  1. Sometimes calling the camera via the “press the ON button twice” function results in the phone remaining black and having to be rebooted, too.

  2. Also following the update to /e/ v0.22 the title of the file browser went to “@string/files_label”. Once updated to v0.23 it not display a name whatsoever. As I just realized, the file browser is not able to copy files anymore. It just crashes when performing any operation.

If anybody does have information, especially regarding 1.) that would be appreciated.

1.) This happened to me also, with the Wire app when answering a call.

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Did this resolve itself or still ongoing?

I also have this problem, but for me it’s worse, as most of the times I can neither call nor being called on apps like Whatsapp, Telegram or Discord. Only normal phone calls work. The screen turns black and the only way I have to reboot the phone is to remove the battery.

I will try to capture a logcat in the next days

Keeping the power button pressed for about 15 seconds should force a reboot.

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The April update v0.23 (v2?) fixed the aforementioned problems 1. and 2. which where major.

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Im having the same issue with threema calls since update v1.0-q.
Also my Fairphone is slower since the update.
When i press the screenunlockbottom it needs half a second for my screen to ligth up and it also needs more time to open apps. Even when the batterystatus is selectet on performance.

Although this was related to MagiskHide, this may be helpful.


And this looks related too:

Hi, I have a fairphone 3, same problem in Telegram. I can call someone, everything fine, but receiving a call makes my screen black. I don’t know if it is really crashing, because pressing or holding the power button can activate vibration… So just the screen and touch seems to be deactivated. I have to force a reboot with long press of the power button.
Tried changing some settings related to calls, no change.
I tried downgrading to an older Telegram-version, no change.

Same here, the smartphone crashes and I have to use Telegram for Linux.