Fairphone 3+ - LiveDisplay not working

Hello all,

I just bought an /e/ Fairphone 3+ and, among others, I’ve got a problem with LiveDisplay: it just doesn’t work. I tried, to no avail, to:

  • switch from automatic, to day, to night: no difference
  • switch between 12h and 24h time formats: no difference
  • enable location while giving access to a number of pre-installed apps: no difference
  • turn it off and on again several times, and between each change to the settings: you guessed it, no difference.

I don’t know what to try anymore.
There is no mention anywhere I looked of LiveDisplay not being compatible with Fairphones; there are only a few alternatives for blue light filter in the “Apps” store and I don’t trust them since I read in the /e/ forums or FAQ, somewhere, that they were not trustworthy…
Having a warm-colored screen is really a must for me, just going all dark mode does not cut it.

Any help/suggestion?

Thank you

It’s a known issue. If you search this forum for “live display fairphone” you’ll find e.g.



Thank you for the links!

Indeed, there are in fact several posts. I apologize, then, for the “no mention” bit. My search wasn’t so thorough I thought it was!
Yet, it doesn’t solve the problem: I can see from the links you provided that there are no solution at the moment and, while going from post to post, I read that this kind of problem had already occurred in the past and that a solution was found.

My question, then, is: is there any way to know when the actual iteration of the problem is likely to be solved?
Additionally: does this kind of problem/bug/thing happens often, or is what’s happening now more of an exception? I’d hate to wake up every other morning, after an update, to see that functionalities in my phone just disappear or stop working.

Of course, I would understand if you didn’t have all the answers (especially since my questions tend to lean on the divinatory side of things) but if you could at the very least point me in the right direction, I’d be very grateful.

Thank you for the info, and for the quick answer, too!

I think in this particular case the problem was that LiveDisplay got fixed in the Android 9 based version of /e/ and when later the Android 10 based version of /e/ came out that fix no longer worked.
But major version upgrades have to be done manually, so this particular thing wouldn’t happen “overnight” :wink:

Best you can do I guess is monitor those two issues and wait until they get closed successfully

If you sign up to the /e/ gitlab with an account you can let yourself be notified on changes automatically. But that may create a notification on any change. Don’t know if it can be configured to only notify if the issue is marked as solved.

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Once again, thank you for all the info, and the general helpfulness! I’ll monitor the situation, as you suggested, and I hope this problem will be solved soon!

Thank you, and have a nice day!

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It seems that Live Display is working again with /e/ 0.16 :tada:

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Is it really? Worked for me the day of the update but since then nothing…

I am running /e/ 0.16 on my Fairphone 3 (self upgraded to +) and can confirm live display is working correctly.

So … new cameras, new case, new motherboard (for speaker improvement not located in the speaker module) … ok :wink: .


… And it’s broken again in v0.17 :’(

… And it’s repaired in another v0.17?! Weird.
Good news then. I hope it’s not gonna come back too often…