Fairphone 3 - Naked Image

Hi Guys

I search the forum but couldn’t find what I’m looking for. Does anyone have a “naked” FP3 image with Android 10 (q) and only the necessary things? So what I would like to have is a image which I can install on my Fairphone 3 and only driver, Bliss launcher, MicroG and necessary apps installed. I don’t need lets say Mail, Calender, Contacts, Magic Earth and so on. This would be a great start image for everyone which wants to use other apps.

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Just uninstall the Apps you don’t want to have and install your alternative ones … Uninstall default apps.
An official, minimal /e/ version was discussed here, but hasn’t seen the light of day yet.


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Thanks very much … worked like a charm. Are these changes away if I update /e/ or will the updater only update existing apps?

Do you know is it safe to deinstall the integrated Software App?

As far as normal updates go, uninstalled Apps will stay uninstalled.
An upgrade to a new major Android version would be a different matter, but if you are on Android 10 now, the next upgrade shouldn’t be around anytime soon.

If you mean the “Apps” App … technically it should be safe to uninstall it, I had done that for a while, too.
With the planned release of the Exposure Notification framework for Corona Apps as an installable App however, I would perhaps wait until it becomes clear whether it will be an “Apps” App exclusive or also available via other channels.

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