Fairphone 3+ screen stops responding

Fairphone 3+ crashes regularly.

Hi my Fairphone 3+ has been freezing regularly for the last few days.
I checked and I have the latest software 0.22 from March 28th.

I will try to explain what is happening.

I use my Fairphone normally, then it just happens that the screen stops responding and I then have to restart the phone or even remove the battery (that is possible with this phone) after that it is good again for a while but it can be done spontaneously happen again
it has happened three times now that the phone freezes.

I use the default Bliss launcher and the default E Foundation app store and a few from the Auro store.

who can tell me what it is?

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Maybe the easiest thing to figure out is some contact problem with the screen.
Have you disassembled the screen and cleaned the contacts?

I did it once and cleaned it. Had some hard time to get the screen out, because there are clips around the screen. Had to go around the first slot from the edge with a thin plastic thing to get the clips off. That I didn’t know and I just pushed from the inside the phone. Luckily I didn’t break the screen.

Thanks for your response.
I have never disassembled the screen.
The phone was gone for repair a few months ago and a new motherboard came in.

You could try to boot the phone into Safe Mode … [HOWTO] Reboot into Safe Mode.

If you can’t get it to freeze in Safe Mode, probably an App you installed is causing the freeze.
If you can get it to freeze in Safe Mode, then perhaps OS, hardware, network …

Hi I think I found it. In wrote that I used the Bliss launcher. But in the background was sqearhe home 3 still switched on Al’s I use this worst get device slower in my experience. In addition, the Fairphone does not have much working memory