[HOWTO] Reboot into Safe Mode

If you need, you can reboot your device into the “Safe Mode”. This will just deactivate all applications you have installed, and let you use everything else.
So for instance, if an app causes big trouble in your phone, you can go into that mode and delete this app through Settings > Applications. Not the best example but you see the point.

Once you reboot, everything will be back to normal, you won’t loose any data. BUT, here is a list of issues :

  • Your icon management in the Home Screen will be reset, so yo will have to create your folders and organize your icons again. (Only for non-system app icons)
  • The default keyboard will be back to the default one.
  • If the “Always-on VPN” setting was enabled, you will have to re-enable it.

To enter into Safe Mode :

  1. Hold the Power button (as if you wanted to turn off your device).
  2. Hold the “Restart” button.
  3. Click on “OK” on the following message :

The device reboots. You are now in Safe Mode (you can see it in the bottom left corner).

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