Fairphone 3 - Slow Display Response

Hello e-community,

first things first, thank you e.foundation for building an alternate OS for FP3!

Two days ago I installed the current Q Build (https://images.ecloud.global/dev/FP3/IMG-e-0.12-q-2020111084008-dev-FP3.zip)

I think the genereal response is somehow laggy on my device.
I already did an re-install but no changes.

Is there any configuration I can change or is a documentaed issue?

Thanks in advance for your replies!

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I’m having the exact same issues. I think it’s due to poor optimisation.

Upgraded my Fairphone 3 yesterday as well to the latest version after installing the new camera modules.

Opening some apps (default camera app and Signal, for example) leaves me with a blank screen that takes up to 3-6 seconds before its content is shown. Clicking response time is at least twice as slow as on the “regular” build. General input like typing and scrolling and such is now annoyingly laggy, like having 25 FPS.

The only thing I’ve found to help a little is putting the battery performance setting to “Maximum”. This improves general smoothness issues but doesn’t decrease app loading times.

I’m also very much looking forward to any related issues and possible solutions!

Where are Android 9 Builds?
Links on the install instruction are leading to Q Builds

Not all apps but some of my apps are showing the same behaviour
Signal for instance takes 4 to 5 seconds to open
MS Authenticator also about 4 to 5 seconds
Maps is a bit faster about 3 seconds
Other system apps are a bit faster but none of the apps on my FP3-Q are opening instantly

The screen issue i do not encounter on my phone.

Uninstalled many E Systemapps.
Response feels smoother but still laggy sometimes.
Used different Launch Apps, which led to faster response.
Still no technical statement but I think the Issues are Launcher related.

How are you uninstalling them? Did you activate root access first, or is there some other method?

Without root via ADB Shell.

Gotcha, activated ADB root and removed the redundant system apps I wouldn’t ever need. (mail, calendar, and e drive)

Do you encounter the same issues?

Sorry yes, back on topic. Yes I noticed several screen lags and slower response times on the current q build. I am back on stable pie. I’m going to being waiting for the official stable branch to move to q.

Hi! I’m new to /e/ community, yesterday I got my FP3+ and I’d like to move to /e/ os. Currently the docs only link to q builds. Where do I find pie build for the FP3+?

Thanks in advance!

Same question, where are the P Builds?

Meanwhile I found an other thread linking to a stable pie build:

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The build has been upgraded to Q so there are no pie builds on the server for the FP3


Running the above build, much smoother!

Then you’re a lucky fellow. I’m on the same build number and the update did not improve the slow opening of the apps I mentioned before :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
It’s annoying but everything is working so I’ll try live with it.

I might start experimenting with different app launchers to compare…

I tried plenty Launcher Apps and stuck with “Unlauncher” (F-Droid).