Fairphone 3 - What do you think?

Hi everybody,

What do you think of the new Fairphone 3 ?

more infos

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Disappointed. Weak non-futureproof SoC, unlike previous two models with 800-series Snapdragons.

Also a little disappointed in the specs being more of a power user, however the mid-range 600-series chip are really popular now-days for ‘better battery life’ and keep device costs down. High end flagships are too expensive now for most people when the average user of most smartphones do not really need more than the specs of the FP3… I really believe in the companys values: fairtrade, user replaceable components etc. Just bin the goolag-ridden OS for something like /e/ or sailfish (when it gets support) and your set.


The spec’s are like a phone 4 years ago. Camera resolutions is kike on a 100 Euro device.

For 450 Euro I’m getting a much better used/refurbished phone and buying a refurbished / used phone is much better for the world and resources.


100% agree with this logic


Hope it will be supported in /e/

Can’t really argue with that but I think it’s important to understand what is really being offered here.

Projects like Fairphone are not meant to bring you the latest technology possible, because they are trying to ‘innovate’ or otherwise bring a valuable product to you in some other way. It’s the same story as with the Librem 5 phone: your money goes towards R&D so that they can work on something that hasn’t been done before, to an extend at least.

So is true that buying a refurbished phone will probably be cheaper, better for the environment (short term) and better value for the money in terms of performance. But please know what you are evaluating here: you are still getting a brand new phone which has a removable battery and other components easily replacable, so you are supporting the environment directly (and indirectly through R&D investment) and the specs… well, they’re really not all that terrible to be honest, certainly more than enough for most people’s everyday use at least. I’ve always used devices less powerful than this one just fine up until today!

Again, you are making fair point (ha!) and in fact what’s holding me back from purchasing a Fairphone right now (besides the fact that my current phone still works fine) is the fact that is not supported by /e/, LineageOS or some other ROM at the moment. I really hope /e/ gets right on with this because I’d love to support both causes… but can’t have it all unfortunately.



Anyway, brand new phone with ‘old’ hardware noone needs, i think. Fairtrade or not.

Fairphone 3 FP3

There is a dtill a post Fairphone 3 - What do you think?

Was searching for this, was a little hard to find:

Hi @pjmbraet as you might be aware the poll was closed some time back as it was getting difficult to track and maintain. We now have a Request a Device category where users can request for a new device or ask for an OS upgrade.

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I’m interested in Fairphone, but they currently don’t ship to the United States and their bands are (understandably) oriented toward European cell networks. I’d definitely consider supporting the project if they sold a US version of the phone.

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buy a used / refurbished phone. And you will do more for our environment :wink:


Sorry, but as /e/ is not only “avoid google” so Fairphone is not only “save your environment”…!


This is exactly my thoughts on the topic.
I totally relate to the critics around Fair phones and share them as much as written above.

Yet, it might be what the future hold as the best option around the smartphone industry.

It seems that it just needs a push toward /e/ and Lineage-like Os…

buy a used / refurbished phone. And you will do more for our environment :wink:

Short term, sure, but eventually new phones will have to be produced no matter what. With modern hardware that consumers will be tempted to buy instead of that “old hardware noone needs”… But even if most consumers choose to get an used phone, and then another, thir devices wouldn’t last long because, well, they are quite simply not designed to last very long. It is expensive and difficult, if at all possible, to fix any of the many things that can go wrong with a phone. This includes optimizing software for the new hardware that comes every year. It is not sustainable, nor desireable to the end consumer. There is a place for used phones but it is not going to change how the market works.

A product that is too reliable is not a good product. Period. With very few exceptions this is how companies operate because otherwise they wouldn’t be in business very long. Harley-Davidson is one such company that is rushing into the used market because they made products too reliable. They either shift their business or go out of business. Google was able to hit the brakes on time to avoid this.

By supporting a company that directly profits from producing ethically and responsibly you are supporting the environment. The right way. These phones can be repaired, their components upgraded, and their waste repurposed again and again. Investing in technology will continue to improve this process and make it more efficient, perhaps shift it towards other upcoming industries like electric cars or portable, durable batteries.

By all means, do get a refurbished phone! You have options, and that is the whole point. Make sure you do know them so that you can make an informed decision when you are buying your next piece of technology.

@Manoj Thanks for sharing the link for requesting a device, I will for sure push that /e/ supports this as soon and as much as possible.


The fairphone never have had modern hardware! !

Bit I th8nk you are ftom Fairphone company so you won’t change your mind.

Buy the way, i’m a hard environment activist. That’s the reason ehy i’m fighting for used things.That’s allways the best solution, not only at phones, also on.ALL.other things.
We fon’t have enough resourced and no world B. That’s the point

Fairphone makes sense weither you like it or not, if you dont like it, leave it.
Fairphone 3 hardware spec is mid range 1 years old which is pretty good, maybe a bit expensive, so what ? Why the need to lie and say it’s old ?
Now you dont have to like Fairphone, but please at least be honnest and show a little respect.
You re not better than anyone else, you re not the one ‘saving the planet’ or whatever BS.

I like /e/ but i m not going to be a fanboy swearing and spitting at the face of others that may be seen as competitor. This doesnt help anyone, this gives a really bad picture of /e/.
Frankly seeing that kind of attitude makes me think :
OK /e/ is your space, your baby, have it, i ll get back to another OS. Good luck with that.

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I don’t know where I wasn’t respectful. But anyway, I will leave the discussion here, because it wasted only time. No one will change his mind. That’s bad for our world and our kids.

And all I have written does have nothing to do with e.