Fairphone 3 with E/OS is getting hot while charging and weak or no 4G signal after update

All of a sudden my Fairphone 3 with e/OS is getting extremely hot while charging. It gives audio warning signs.
I read this could be due to a weak 4G Signal. I do have a problems with the 4G signal since the last update.


Any help is very welcome, thank you.

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I have also a FP3, but no problems with signals (1.11-s-20230511288805-dev-FP3). If you try to switch off mobile data, and only use Wi-Fi, does it get hot also?

Thank you @fab. I had a problem with the signal before but then it disappeared after an update. After the latest update it was back again. That is why I thought it was related. I don’t use wifi only lan connection I will try charging with 4G off and see what happens.

Some Android phones are capable of giving a audio warning if an unsuitable charger is being used. I suggest you check with different chargers.

Thank you @aibd I did not change the charger. This morning I charged it again without a problem.
Wonder what triggers the warming. Could it be the weak signal because of which the phones has to use more power to get a good signal?

I guess you could check if the warning is related to any one or more apps running in the background while charging.

How do you know which one s are running?

I guess I may have misled by saying “in the background” as there may be unknown systems apps running in the background. I really meant running apps …

… from the Navigation bar, press the Recents icon (rectangular). All running apps will now show – swipe the display to the right, to reveal Clear all.

So my proposal was to check if charging with certain apps running is different from charging having tapped Clear all to “Close all running apps”.

Thank you very much. This must sound stupid but were do I find the navigation bar. Do you mean in settings?

On my phone it is at the bottom of the screen containing 3 items:

| Find all open apps | Go to home screen | Switch between apps |

It can vary with user set up.

Thank you vary much. I shut down all open apps. Gonna test now to see what happens. Still the 4G in going in and out of connection rather strange isn’t it?

In Settings > Mobile network > Preferred network type … what options are open to you ? Are you able to specify “not 4G” – is there an option which will work ?

In your place I would consider contacting your carrier and asking them if they could try to resend your APN direct to your device (in case they are being corrupted in some unusual way by /e/OS updates).

In preferred network it only says 2g 3G and 4G. No other options are available.
I found in advanced setting the 4G LTE setting. I will try that one.

I will give them a call if they can resent APN to my device.
Thank you very much aibd

I have called them and they advised an APN reset. This seems to work for the moment. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thank you for your help. Have a wonderful day.

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The problem with the in en out connection of 4G remains. Would you perhaps have another idea what could be the problem or preferable solution?

Thank you once more

I would tend to try to troubleshoot this as a carrier, lack of coverage issue, collect evidence and confront them again.

And / or you might report exactly on the more “device / OS based” suggestions in your other thread

Fairphone 3 with E/OS going in and out of connection with 4G+ all the time after latest update. URGENT - #2 by AnotherElk

Think I will call my provider again first thing in the morning. Thank you for helping out.