Fairphone 3 with e-os preloaded shipped with a locked bootloader?

Hey community,

Does the Fairphone 3 with e-os preloaded is shipped with a locked bootloader so that you have the advantages of dm-verity among others?


Yes, the bootloader will be locked, see here: Fairphone 3 and /e/OS


Thanks for the quick response and the awesome news :tada:

Maybe you can help me with that last thing that keeps me from making an “impulse purchase”…do you know if Android 10 will be shipped soon for the e-fairphone?

Let me answer this one… the conversion of /e/ source to LOS 17.1 has just started . Once that is done we will upgrade for select devices which already have official LOS 17.1 builds . This will take 1-2 months. There is a backlog of OS upgrades at the moment.


Thanks for the very fast answer!

If I see it right, there is no LOS 17.1 out for the Fairphone 3 yet, then it could take longer with this device?

Not necessary. LOS does not support FP3 officially but we do :slight_smile: