Fairphone 4 battery drain

So I have a Fairphone 4 for 4 days now.
it seems to work OK (except for color mode) but the battey came fully uncharged and the phone was sitting in a warheouse since at least april 2022 (date of the patch that was installed on the phone)
Appart for bluetooth being very power hungry on this phone compare to my previous phone (rebooting with bluetooth off seems to fix that).
I feel like there’s something strange in the discharge curve of my phone specially at night when notice happens on it except some sync in the background.
What do you think ? (it seems like using it or not the battery almost always discharge at the same rate the big chunk without screen time is my 8h sleep.

I didn’t get my Fairphone 3+ from Murena, but you might want to report the initial charging state of your FP4 battery to Murena support. A fully discharged battery is bad (for its own life expectancy), but it’s even worse if this state lasts for a long time (read: 0 % battery charge for a long time).

This is not a Murena phone, this is a Fairphone installed by myself.
But I don’t know if I can proove anything to Fairphone regarding the battery health without the original OS (which for reasons I don’t want to use)

Well, one easy thing to check: Is your battery bloated?
You can take it out of the device, place it on a really flat surface (e.g. desk) and try to make it “spin” to find out.

it is relatively flat when checked with my eyes, I’ll take a closer look later.
but it could still have lost some capacity without bulging.

Battery usage seems very random, sometime the phones behave properly sometime I can loose 10% of battery in 4h without using it. sometime only 2.
I don’t use a ton of app and have restricted app that were being to gready already.
This seems like way too much for a phone that is in standby and only check

what is your version string?

modem seems most responsible for battery drain in a FP4 as to this thread

if you disable the radio connection by sleeptime or when you don’t need it you can recover a bit of the overall charge.

In the thread I advised it’s best to be most current on Android version and modem firmware to potentially get fixes quickly.

My version is : 1.19.1-s-20240110372023-stable-FP4
I will not disable radio at night because at the moment I don’t have a choice to charge at night.

This version is the last stable version available.
has I had issue with bluetooth I’ve tried some tips like restarting my phone with bluetooth turn off and it
I also suspect an issue with radio. I had hope that Fairphone being distributed by Murena they would have access to the best possible firmware but apparently it’s not enought to have access to the best firmware.

firmware alone won’t help, it’s also up to the kernel how it instruments the modem and S will stay behind. Either wait on stable until /e/ comes around to offer the upgrade, or reset userdata (I think, ymmv) and switch to dev. You can also watch the thread on feedback if an upgrade did indeed yield lower battery draw.