Fairphone 4 support planned?

I’m an old Fairphone user (models 1, 2, 3 in the family) and I currently receive teasers from Fairphone that visibly hint to a 5-G Fairphone-4 model launched early September. (Some more data here)
I’d like to know if /e/ is already connected to this, so that I’d be able to buy and /e/-Fairphone 4 straight here…
Thank you!

Fat chance /e/ would disclose something like this beforehand, if they are even involved, and spoil the big announcement of an official partner :wink: .
Even without an NDA this would be quite something.

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Hi everyone,
Any update about this subject ?
I’d like to know if /e/ would make an official partnership with Fairphone and the Fairphone 4 especially.


Yes, /e/ foundation is a valuable partner for Fairphone & our aim is to be ready for commercialization by October 25, which means /e/ being compatible with FP4 & /e/foundation having stock to sell it pre-installed. :herb:

— Fairphone (@Fairphone) September
30, 2021


An official partnership with Fairphone exists since the Fairphone 3.
/e/ for the Fairphone 4 got announced by /e/ as well as by Fairphone in the meantime.


So, be sure, that /e/ have already devices in stock and ROMs available :wink:

I think, /e/ would be the first 3rd party ROM, still before Lineage in any flavours…