Fairphone 5 e/OS installation from script freezes on "sending sparse 'super' 4/5"

I followed the instructions available on https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/qa/testing-community/-/issues/55 to install IMG-e-1.15.2-t-20231011340157-stable-FP5.zip on my FP5.
After launching the script, it continues without errors until I read “Sending sparse ‘super’ 4/5 (777993 MB)…”
I’ve been waiting since 15 minutes after I reached this step, then no more progress.

Did you experience the same problem?

How long does it take to run the script completely, in your experience?

Hi @gaber and welcome to the /e/ community.

We are asked here

near the foot of the page, with :warning: not to discuss testing in the forum. This element of the script must indeed be stuck.

You should probably bring this up in the testing system as mentioned above.

Good luck.

Sorry for not talking about this problem in the right forum. I’ll check the one you linked.

Just to close this topic, I would like to inform that I was able to install version IMG-e-1.16-t-20231014341146-stable-FP5.zip with no problem.

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