Fairphone /e/ installation issues

Hi everyone!

I’ve installed /e/ on my fairphone today and I’ve encountered several problems during the installation.
following the intructions i’ve an issues during the command “fastboot flash boot boot.img” which doesn’t run correctly as the command can’t “parse the volume 0x”

I’ve decided to pursue anyway and follow the next steps.
Now /e/ is installed and the phone is almost running correctly …except:

-Camera ( no image)
-Wifi ( shut down alone after few seconds)
-the system isn’t responding when i try to give a call …and the phone shutdown

Not everything checked but it’s enough to consider to re-install. I assume that i’ll have to re-install the os. It’s sure that this installation goes weirdly and makes the phone unstable.

How I can ensure that the next installation will be the one?
Has anyone encoutntered issues at this step during the installation?
I’m running Windows 10 ( in french, don’t know if it matter)
Good to know that the fairphone already had freeze whein it was android stock
Should I go to an older version?

Thank you by advance for your help ( please answer with basic level I’m a mechanic)

Ok, so it’s a Fairphone 3.
Please see here …
[SOLVED] Fairphone 3 error when trying to flash boot.


Perfect, re-installation with the correct command done everything seems to work fine. Thank you for your very quick answer!
As the issue already exists sould I delete the post?

Thank you again

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No it’s fine :slight_smile:

A number of users had reported in this error that comes up during the flashing on FP3 with fastboot. A fix for this through the code will be released ASAP. It is basically a check for the active partition prior to the flashing process.

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