Fairphone - FP2 - FP2 - Documentation Suggestions

Use this guide in order to install TWRP:

For me it was so unclear that I had to install in two steps:
First the img file on the right side: /e/ image ROM download via ADB command, use the same commands as in the guide above.

Then press Vol + button and keep holdin it before you press enter for this command: fastload reboot.
You should see there’s an update via Sideload available on the phone. Now use the zip file on the left from the /e/os sources.
on your PC run: adb sideload e-1.1-q-20220629200240-dev-FP2.zip

Then it should be installed.
If you want to fine tune - maybe get rid of microG, see here (for experience users only and in German, commands were clear to me though)
https:// forum.kuketz-blog. de/viewtopic.php?t=1655&hilit=eos&start=75

You might want to change the captive portal in order to cut connections to Google for real:
https:// www. kuketz-blog. de/android-captive-portal-check-204-http-antwort-von-captiveportal-kuketz-de/

Installation worked fine but took me hours because in the installation documentation there is a link to R community with download links to partition image files (IMG*.zip), but in the description adb sideload is used which requires OTA files (e*.zip). So I spent a lot of time to find out why I always get the error “invalid zip file format”… In the end I found the solution here.

Moreover I was confused by step 6 “Now reboot into recovery to verify the installation” of section “Installing a custom recovery” because there is no description how to do this.

Can you please fix these issues?

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I assume you installed /e/OS 1.21-r (r = Android 11). You are aware that /e/OS 1.21-r is most probably the last /e/OS version with security patches for the Fairphone 2 according to this statement? …

Thanks for your reply. No, I was not aware of this, bad news! But what else can I do with my FP2?

I just visited the /e/OS website and followed the information and links about the FP2. So I ended up in the FP2 installation documentation which links to downloads that cannot be used as described. I think this should be corrected so that other users do not get into the same trouble.

Of course some information in the FP2 info page about folded up security updates would be useful, too.

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