FAQ link on website is wrong

Apologies, didn’t know where best to post this.

Small correction.

First FAQ question on the site (https://e.foundation/get-support/) links via “read the statement” to the manifesto (which is wrong, because there is nothing there about the one single closed-source app) but it should instead link to https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/wiki/en/wikis/maps as is correctly done in the gitlab FAQ, first question (https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/wiki/en/wikis/faq).

On a side note, this is imho bad PR. The site is what newcomers see, they go into the FAQ and the first question about this privacy-focused ROM mentions one closed-source app and it’s not even named or explained there. I read the explanation in the gitlab faq link and I understand it, but this should be on a list of things to replace down the line. It’s an unnecessary “we’re all open source, but…”

Edit: credit goes to @nihili and his questions here: A few Beginner's Questions

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Thanks for pointing this out. Will ask for the correction to be made.