FAQ : Questions and Answers about the Community

Q1. What is the community all about?

We at /e/ encourage users to meet each other and exchange ideas and views about the ROM. These gatherings can be used to discuss and learn more about /e/. These sessions can also be a platform where new users can get their phones flashed with /e/ ROM while existing users can get issues if any on their device resolved. We plan to give Community members tools, that would help them flash the /e/ ROM’s on their devices. The leader or organizers of these Communities with be called 'H/e/ro’s .

Q2. Ok, I am interested so how do I start? How can I start a community?

You can start by sending a mail to events@e.email, with “community event [place]” as subject.

Q3. No I am not interested thank you.
We respect your choice. This is a voluntary activity.

Q4. Is there a particular geographical limitation for forming a Community?

No. You can form a community in your village, town or City. The idea is simply to have a good time , meet others who also like /e/ , exchange ideas and views about the ROM and what it stands for.

  1. So we meet in the community, now what do we discuss? I know nothing about /e/.

We are adding articles and write-ups on our website which can be referenced as topics for discussion. For example you can start by reading this article. There are articles on wiki or the forum which explain in simple language about /e/ and what sets it apart from other ROM’s that are available on the net.

  1. You mentioned about tools to flash the /e/ ROM what was that?

We will be providing CLI (Command-Line Interface) based tools that will help automate the install process for phones we support. We have also developed a Raspberry Pie based Flashing Station which can help make the installation process easier. These are currently under development.
We will be announcing the release of these tools once the development and testing is complete.

  1. I would like to be a H/e/ro and have some experience flashing mobile phones. At the same time I am worried if I might accidentally brick someone’s phone and end up facing legal issues.

Good point. The community primarily is a forum for /e/ users to meet and discuss about the ROM. The user’s and the group leader - the H/e/ro can also help with a basic level of support - this is optional. If you are not comfortable flashing ROM’s for others do not do it. We have a document highlighting the risks involved in flashing ROM’s. You can use this document as a reference point to educate users who are new in the world of custom ROM’s. You can go through the document and also explain all about it to any user who requests you to flash his / her phone with /e/ ROM’s. The alternate to the H/e/ro flashing the ROM is the users flashing on their own as per the instructions on wiki.

  1. Can I charge users for the flashing work I am doing? After all it is a delicate and risky task and needs a lot of patience and skill.

We at /e/ would be provide you with the CLI tools for free. We leave it to the H/e/roes to decide how they want to help others - charge for their services or provide the service free of cost. It is your show - you are organizing it .

  1. Will you be sharing photos of these community meet ups on your website?

Yes, if users want and send us their photos, we will be happy to post them on our website.

  1. I hope you understand that the idea behind /e/ was user-data privacy . Why would users want their photos displayed prominently on your website.

Good point. We would only share your photos on the /e/ website if you want them to be shared.

  1. How can I get information about the ongoing or upcoming Community Activities?

You can get details of all activities that are planned by browsing to the Communities Category >> Events & Activities sub category …there you will see details including dates, venue and timings for the events. You would be able to see these activities in the Calendar or in the activity tab.

  1. Is this an activity in which /e/ team members will also be involved?

The Community is an activity organized by /e/ users for /e/ users and of /e/ users. /e/ team member can be requested to participated but their participation is not mandatory or required. /e/ team members may participate based on their availability and bandwidth. /e/ is not organizing the events or activities on the communities. Neither are the community meetup’s or activities sponsored by /e/.

  1. I want to organize a meetup but I am not confident I would be able to answer all the queries that I might be asked.

Let us know when you are organizing the meetup. We will setup a video web conference with Gaël so that user answers can be answered. The important thing is please we will need to setup this is advance so that Gaël’s schedule and availability can also be checked.