Fastest and easiest guide for building unofficial /e/ rom

I’ve already seen this page but I don’t know how to get Blobs as they’re no GitHub page for my device (I’ve only found android_kernel) my device is a Xiaomi Redmi 7A (pine)…
Hope I can install /e/ : pine it’s for a basic usage as it cost only 90€ and has only 2Gb of RAM but it’s a great phone if you do not play Fortnite…

EDIT : I’ll try to install the GSI : I’ve found this page on how to install GSI on pine (Xiaomi uses a locked boot partition in order to avoid changing to another OS than MIUI).

you need unlock bootloader first for every xiaomi device if you want flash custom rom,

I know but there’s also the problem of the locked boot partition who prevent booting on other OS than MIUI. You need to flash a patched boot.img or use MIUIMix who’s a MIUI patched version for allowing Treble (install your GSI on the top of MIUIMix) (I just found the patched boot.img and MIUIMix is not available on pine)

PS: Bootloader already unlocked.

here on russian forum
users successfully installing gsi on 7a but i think you cant understand all even with google translator. this is gsi instruction and thi is something about patched boot and cant find nothing about miuimix in this topic, i think patched boot is enough. Use translator or wait for some progress in 7a development.

MIUIMix is a version of MIUI which allows installing GSI on the top of it, patched boot is enough but MIUIMix is better because it add patches and remove some bugs like VoLTE not working (I don’t care cause my carrier don’t support VoLTE) but there’s no MIUIMix for pine so I’ll use patched boot.
As I said before, I’ve seen this which is the translation of your russian page.

so you successsfully installed gsi or not i cant understand?

I’ve not tried on my pine (Redmi 7A) but I’ve tried on my cactus (Redmi 6A) and hard-bricked it, that’s why I have a pine now… I’ll try soon but I don’t want to brick another device.

6a on mtk, they bad for customs

I don’t understand…

6a on MediaTek Helio A22 and 7a Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 , snapdragon better than mtk for custom roms.

That’s why there is no custom ROMs for 6A ?

maybe, i dont know but almost all custom roms only for snapdragon devices, i think because qualcomm have better documentation or somethink like this than mediatek

Ok, thanks for your answers, I’ll try to flash soon the GSI, I’ll let you know.

Can you build an image for a deprecated device ? I’m thinking of Mi4C (libra). The doc is always on the Lineage website but there’s no more download provided, can you build /e/ for this phone ? Mi4C TWRP boot loop

its officialy supported

But not updated, latest build is still in Beta 0.7 when Stable 1 is available for other devices.

builds for all devices are /e/ 0.7 there is no 1.0 builds and libra build from October 25.

So it seems that I misunderstanded something…