[Feature Proposal] Adjustable screenshot crop

It is good that there is a way to take a partial/cropped screenshot, but, at least on /e/ Mido ROM, there is no way to adjust the size of the cropped screenshot before taking it.
Since now, when user releases the screen, the screenshot is taken. But most of times, that way you can’t take an accurate image.

On Google’s Android 7 the cropped screenshot can be adjusted before take it:


It would be good to add such a feature on /e/!

Long press on the screenshot icon and you can select which part you want shot.

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Go to Settings, and search for “Screenshot”, click on the only result and you should be able to check a box to have a screenshot logo on the power menu (long press on power button). And then long press on the screenshot button to be able to crop.

Yes, I know how to take a screenshot, but that’s not what I mean.

What I mean is to be able to adjust the region which the screenshot will take before of taking it, being able to resize the region before.
Now, there’s no way to take an accurate screenshot, as once started to select the area, releasing the screen will take the screenshot.

As can be seen in the GIF, that way the are can be adjusted more than once.


Imagepipe (F-Droid) allows to crop, resize and blank meta-data’s easily. My two cents…

Édith to @Anonyme : works fine, thank you, but in ‘one shot not’ mode… How to use this feature needs to be learned before having the expected result.

That’s what you can do after long press of the screenshot icon.


That you can’t do after long press of screenshot icon

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Thats fancy, i didnt know it exists :slight_smile: