[FEATURE PROPOSAL] Apps store should allow to blacklist & rollback

Hi everyone.
Sometimes ago i’ve been facing a problem with the latest version of an app and solved the problem installing an old version, never updated nowadays.
Could you add to the appstore an option allowing an app to be marked as ignored, never updated, no more displayed in the update list, please ?
And also a backup, similar to system updates, with a rollback option just in case of…
We know that sometimes an update can be buggy and an automatic update with no rollback can be a time consuming and nervous breakdown feature.

Thank you.


Hi !

Looks like everything has already been raised :yum:

As far as the rollback/backup thing is concerned, what about a good ole fashioned backup. Titanium Backup or oandbackup. If something goes wrong with a new app one would have the previous, with data, ready for restoring.

I’ve always kept Yalp Store on all of my ROMs, if for no other reason it has a “Get local apk” feature where it’ll save any installed app to disk. I use it regularly to build an archive of apk files. Good after flashing a new ROM where I can quickly install most apps without going through an app store.
Having a saved apk of a working app has saved me a time or two when a new version doesn’t work out.

I have backups too and as you say it saved me time.
I prefer Yalp store.
I have yatse installed and updated but the /e/ App store insists in installing the latest version.
I’ve set the the update check to monthly as i can’t disable it.

+1 for ability to blacklist an app update in the appstore please :slight_smile:

I’m also missing the blacklist. Appstore wants to update my GG Cam mod with stock :grimacing:

+1 for disabling updates to specific installed apps

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Me too would really like those features, it really forces me not to use the default Apps store and use something else instead.
Hope it gets implemented