[FEATURE PROPOSAL] configurable phone numbers block

actually this option is available since android 9 in aosp dialer LINK

but i don’t why, almost none today people put that code, to the point i believe a conspiracy theory that this feature is disable as per telemarketing company request
now it’s not about telemarketers anymore, scammers is doing spam calls/text that can actually harm people

3rd party apps is usually unreliable, broken at os upgrade, and a privacy risk

please consider adding it to all the device baked into the system

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

it’s all available in the dialer, no conspiracy.

But in my experience it’s better to have an option to block whole ranges, 3rd party tooling does this reliably - Best call blocker app - #8 by marcdw … something the aosp dialer didn’t get

i don’t see the options in my dialer setting, there’s only “block unknown number” option.

so this is a bug?

maybe it’s not very clear for it to be a button, but you don’t see “ADD A NUMBER” as in those screenshots?

Call forwarding, waiting and blocking

’Blocked numbers’ settings page opens, here you can tap ‘ADD A NUMBER’ to manually input a phone number …

you can block anything from the call history after being harassed… but whenever it happened for me there were multiples of and a pattern emerged, so I had to use the YACB App anyway.

Only accepting calls from numbers in contacts is another solution

You should open the link i gave earlier, and read again my post, read the title, ask if it wasn’t clear, i spesifically write that i don’t interested in 3rd party app, yet you still waste your time by replying with it, now you judge that idk that there’s a button for manually adding numbers, further making me feel annoyed

There should be 4 wildcards available in the dialer setting if the code is fully applied on aosp dialer
Clearly some of the code isn’t present

I personally have already added 57 blocked numbers list, just so you know

haha thanks for letting me know, 57 is alot and sorry for make you feel annoyed, life hands you a lemon sometimes. I actually read the article and went to see the code merges, but it flew past me.

I don’t see the xml options either. The “support_enhanced_call_blocking_bool” (see CarrierConfigManager.java in the commit) can either be set it in the carrier configs xml by mnc / mcc id, per-device in the overlay vendor.xml (overlay/packages/apps/CarrierConfig/res/xml/vendor.xml) … or the CarrierConfig package.

Haven’t figured out yet which is best to apply globally, I guess the latter, but your feature request is a reasonable one and could be filed into the gitlab backlog.

(coming to think of it… 57, isn’t there a pattern yet? :slight_smile: )

it’s all good, mate. i suspect my number can be easily scrapped from google map…
i own small bussiness

but let’s not talk about me, this is an useful feature that has been ignored for many years
just make it disable by default, so it will not harm anybody accidentaly, the person who enable it should already knows the risk