[FEATURE PROPOSAL] e.email: access to e.drive contacts

Wouldn’t it be a basic functionality that in e.email when I start typing the first letters of a recipient in the recipient field, it gives me suggestions from my Contacts/address book?


Yes, I also do miss this very basic feature!

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This functionality was initially enabled but got disabled, because there is a privacy issue with it. You can track this issue at https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/management/issues/259.



Issue is closed in Github, but there’s still no link between my contacts and /e/mail. Will it be fix ? I stopped using Gmail in order to use /e/ but if I cannot send a simple email to my contacts, it’s just useless.

The Issue in Gitlab was about privacy concerns and it seems like it was closed a few days ago, since that privacy concern was addressed.

@q3adr The feature, that you request, would be a different topic. I recommend to create a feature request via gitlab for this, since such requests can be tracked way better there, than here in the forum.

But @Markus from what you said I understand that the feature was disabled until the bug has beenn fixed, and that when the bug has been fixed the feature can be re-enabled. No? I don’t see the point of creating a feature request for a feature that has been disabled on purpose.

Hi @cedricoola good point. Will check with the dev team if this issue is being resolved and tracked somewhere separately. Will update all on the details.

It works on /e/ but not on the webmail e.email. Is it under progress?

Do not see much progress on this issue on Gitlab. Will ask development team to update progress.

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