[FEATURE PROPOSAL] Finer sound control

Is it possible to add volume levels to volume management ? Let me explain myself, I am using Nougat, and there is only 5 levels of volume in calls, and sometimes the lowest setting (1/5) isn’t low enough for me

I also have the same problem with “music” volume when using earphones : 2/15 is too loud and 1/15 is really low I barely can hear anything

I suggest having more volume levels for each, let’s say 10 for calls and 30 for audio

What do you guys think about it ?


Which device are you using and which build of /e/?

I use Galaxy S7 edge wih the latest stable build (2020-01-06)

That is called Volume Steps. A number of custom ROMs include it. Where ROMs didn’t have it and I was running Xposed, I usually used GravityBox to provide that feature.

Since so many ROMs do have it I think it would be a nice addition. I definitely need finer steps when playing music via headphones.


I second this feature proposal. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (Zeroltexx) running the latest stable build for this device (0.7-2020021541379).

The 1/15 volume step is still way too loud. For the sake of our earing, I think it would be a good idea to add a few steps in order to have lower volume.

@Manoj @marcdw @Cricoo Is anyone knowledgeable on the matter and would have time to fix this ? If not, could someone recommend me resources so I can learn how to fix this myself ?

Thanks and have a beautiful day !

You can raise an issue in Gitlab which I can label as an improvement request. It is related to hardware so the fix will be a bit complex and may take time. We can follow up on this in the bug details on Gitlab

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I was going to raise an issue, but discovered that @Cricoo already raised one a month ago, that you actually already labelled as an improvement request. Nothing happened on Gitlab, it seems as dead as can be. I’ll just upvote it and follow it in case anything happens. Thanks for the quick reply.

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Once I find more info I’ll try to add some info or pointers to the GitLab issue. Maybe for the commits that add an entry in Settings to make changes. In the meantime there’s the build.prop way.

I just flashed Nougat LineageOS 14.1 UNOFFICIAL on a Moto G5 Plus potter. As @Cricoo mentioned, the defaults (in most ROMs I guess) for voice calls is 5, media is 15. In that LOS the defaults were upped to 7 and 20 respectively using the following additions…


I changed the media to 30, rebooted, and confirmed the steps. I rarely, almost never, talk on the phone so didn’t/can’t check voice volume. If I had to change it I would’ve doubled it to 14 or 15.

On /e/OS I have had GravityBox from the get-go, even on Pi/e/. Among other things it handled the media volume steps. On the Essential mata with Pi/e/ I disabled the media volume steps in GB (set to 30), rebooted, and tested what the defaults are. Much to my surprise it had 25 steps. Don’t know where that’s defined yet.
Added the media steps to build.prop with a value of 30. After reboot I confirmed it had 30 steps.

In a three year old XDA article it is mentioned that the volume steps that can be changed is/was in AudioService.java. Given how rapidly things change I don’t know if that’s still the place.
If at least those two volume steps are defined and present for all devices, maybe just modified build.props with those two configs would suffice(?). Set to values of 10 to 15 for voice calls and 30 for media.

Either way, the above gives us something to look at.

For anyone rooted or has TWRP they can test those lines. I figure there’s a Magisk module for this but it’s best to see if one’s ROM or device recognizes the build.prop entries.


Thanks @marcdw, I can confirm changing both values in build.prop works fine :slight_smile:

However on my Xiaomi chiron (latest official /e/ build ), they were set by default at :
[ro.config.media_vol_steps]: [25]
[ro.config.vc_call_vol_steps]: [11]
Maybe both maximum steps and default values are defined in firmware and/or build sources ?

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