[FEATURE PROPOSAL] Integrate ICSx5 into /e/

So far the only open source app that I found that can handle the insane vastness of calendar formats and subscriptions.
The /e/ standard calender doesn’t know how to handle them.
So i suggest integrate ICSx5 into /e/

CalDAV/CardDAV management and synchronization application (DAVDroid) is fully integrated with the user account and calendar/contact application

That I know, and I’m grateful for the great choice of application that fulfills calendar sync and management as needed.
Yet with my proposal I talk about a differwnt functionality: import of calender/meeting invitation files from any calendar provider.

I’ve been using ICSx5 (from the makers of DAVx5 and used by /e/) lately on my ROMs for things like Holidays, lunar phases, and other subscribable calendars.
Not really something that should be included in a ROM, IMNSHO, but it’s a cool little tool.

I noticed the standalone DAVx5 has an additional WebCAL tab for subscriptions. I sync my /e/ contacts and calendar on other ROMs so that tab is bare of course since /e/ doesn’t host subscriptions. Would be cool in the future if /e/ had the updated client and offered such a feature (add-on calendars) but I don’t see that happening.

can’t that WebCAL tab be used for any webcal subscription? does it have to be /e/'s?

I really have no idea but it’s one of the three tabs in an account. CardDAV, CalDav, WebCAL. The first two are used for contacts and events. I’m only using /e/ account on my other ROMs. I’m thinking that when used with other accounts that offer subscriptions something might be there.

The webcal tab is new-ish so I haven’t read up on how it works.

EDIT: Did a quick read. Not what I thought. If I read correctly, if an account has calendars to subscribe to and you choose to sync it, it gets passed to ICSx5 anyway so it can be put into a calendar app.
Hmm, so having ICSx5 (or other Webcal-capable app) would be a requirement.

i assumed it’s for subscribing to calendars like these:

Maybe having ICSx5 included is not a bad idea after all.

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for me the use case is meeting or webmeeting invites that may come as ics-file or any other calendar format. By responding to neeting invites ICSx5 handles the communication to the inviting calendar and adds the event to your own calendar.

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ah thanks for the clarification; that is a useful feature to have indeed.

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