Native ICS calendar support

Continuing the discussion from [FEATURE PROPOSAL] Integrate ICSx5 into /e/:

I read the linked discussion, and I wonder whether this is still considered. Before recently switching to /e/, I used Lineage with MicroG, already with an ecloud account. For syncing my calendars, I used the DAVx5 and ICSx5 apps for supporting calendar subscriptions.

In the ecloud calendar dashboard, I can add ICS calendars by choosing “new subscription from link” and they sync nicely. I can also see them listed in the calendar app in eOS when navigating to Settings->Accounts->/e/->My Account → Settings (Webcal Tab). That tab looks exactly like the one in the DAVx5 app, which, if I understood correctly, was integrated into eOS natively. However, for actually syncing those calendars on my mobile device, I still need to install the ICSx5 app.

A full integration also of the ICSx5 functionality would greatly increase the user experience, especially for not so tech savvy users (thinking about migrating my family members to /e/ :wink:).

I am able to get the functionality that I want for me, but I wonder

  1. are there other (even simpler) ways of syncing ICS calendars,
  2. Does anyone know whether it is planned to integrate ICSx5?

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ICSx5 is a part of Account Manager as of late. Hidden away really.
Like ICSx5 though, the subscribed calendars will be local to the device. Not synced or integrated with /e/ account as far as I can tell.

Thanks for this hint, I didn’t realize ICSx5 was integrated into the account manager.
Just one question: how do I change (or even just view) ics calendars that I have connected before?
I fail to find the right spot to do this. :man_shrugging: