[FEATURE PROPOSAL] OTA delta upgrades

Why are OTA upgrades full images only?

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I Think it will be Awesome
Cause Instead of flashing 700+ mb every week why not just push Delta update which will only update that updated file not full rom

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I the last weeks, I downloaded 1Go (2 updates of 500Mo) to update Bliss apk. :expressionless:

Since I rooted my phone, applying those updates from the updater fails at “preparing update”. I then have to use the “export update” which doubles up required space on the phone prior to upgrading.

Then in TWRP, I have to apply this upgrade unconditionnaly, and then reapply other zips. including the one that roots the phone.

Delta upgrades would download only the delta between builds and patch those changes, not implying this user unfriendly mess.

Thank you for prioritizing this

@harvey186: did /e/ closed issues to the public? Seems like the OP created issue is not visible to the community anymore?

Hi @insurgo , On Gitlab you should be able to see a ‘moved’ link next to the bug. On clicking it takes you to this bug. When we have multiple issues with similar titles or issues we combine them under one heading. The issue of delta updates has not yet been taken up. It is definitely planned to be introduced but the team has not set a timeline to it as yet.