[FEATURE PROPOSAL] seamless multilingual keyboard

I am proposing as a new feature for /e/ a keyboard that allows seamless spellchecking in three or four different languages in parallel without being obliged to switch each time from one language to another. As an example Google’s closed-source Gboard is offering this.

I would like to know what you (community) think and what other features could be integrated into a possible new keyboard.
(I found an older discussion where a swipe feature was mentioned - Bring swipe feature in the keyboard)

This request is based on a discussion from April '19: Alternative keyboards for /e/?


I love this idea. I think for sure this keyboard should include English, German, French, and Korean and Mandarin.
Super idea btw!!!

I was rather thinking that the keyboard should just provide the framework and the user decides what languages he/she needs. A bit like it is now with the difference that there won’t be any need to switch backward and forward between the languages.

I get that. Also, that sounds great. Were you looking more for suggestions of features in this keyboard?

Sure, you have further suggestions?
Go ahead

Yeah, sure. How about switching languages through swiping different directions (user-defined) and having the option, once you are in special symbols keyboard, of switching back to letters (of whatever language you had been typing) with pressing spacebar?