[Feature Proposal] Wallet

Hello everybody,

Previous user of iOS, I was using Apple Wallet everytime for my card of course but for my ticket online like plane, train, concerts and so on…

Could this be the subject of develpment of the /e/OS team ?

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Hi, there are various apps already available with this kind of functionality. Personally i use PassAndroid, it is Open Source software and available in App Lounge.


You can’t scan and add ticket… For my flight, needind Google Wallet to add the ticket…

I am also a very happy PassAndroid user.

It can can conveniently import pictures or PDFs, so you could also use a scan app to digitize a physical paper ticket that has a QR code on it and import it into PassAndroid.

However in your particular case, if your airline offers a .pkpass file for Apple Wallet, that should work in PassAndroid as well. You would just have to choose the option to download the .pkpass file that’s made for Apple devices instead of whatever file format Google Wallet uses.

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