[FEATURE PROPOSAL] WhatsApp container

I guess I am coming up with a bit of a controversial issue.
I’ll post it anyway (here a good place for that, isn’t it?).

I personally believe WhatsApp is the first app to get rid of - personally I have never used it… but: For many smartphone users WhatsApp is one of the crucial apps, maybe THE crucial one to have. Some even need it for professional reasons. For that, is very good that WhatsApp actually is running on an /e/ system. But when installing it, your address book will be uploaded to WhatsApp/FB servers right away.

Therefore my idea:
Why not providing an easily installable (or preinstalled) container that recognizes when s.o. wants to install WhatsApp, which subsequently will be put into that container. The user then should validate each an every contact if it should be made available to WhatsApp (in this case onle the phone number and the name should be share with the WA-address book and nothing else).

The better solution would still be not using it, but like this, users could get a hassle free solution using this application, knowing that they share as little contact data as possible with the company behind and he/she would be enabled to comply much easier with the GDPR (the European General Data Protection Regulation).

And /e/ could set a positive sign to the user: We enable you to use this app, we even protect you as much as possible, but we absolutely needed to put it into a cage - so in time you should better look out for a replacement app…



I had sometihng like that in mind. But for now I rather opened a discussion and collection of ideas…

why don’t using shelter ?? That works out of the box and you can it also use for other apps like Instagram or so.

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As far as I know, there is a certain conflict between Shelter and Bliss launcher. How about to use the WEB version of WhatsApp with WebApps as an alternative?

Anyway, the subject of app sandboxing is very interesting, and it would be great to talk about it more.

in the meantime shelter works fine. It’s the easiest way to use shit whatsapp

Unfortunately, Whatsapp remains the most common app for many!:roll_eyes:

Yes, I know. People which are thinking the data collection is OK.
But our task is to enlighten these people.

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Same problem on my phone. “Shelter” do not work out of the box with /e/.

Try island has trackers, but if you disable the network access, it will work and trackers have no chance to send data :smiley:

@e.follower I tried the app WebApps from the eelo app store. In the list of preconfigured web apps, there is no WhatsApp. When I open web.whatsapp.com as a new URL in this app, I cannot see any login.

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from my side of view is that no solution. WebApp only works on fiefox or chrome and your phone MUST also connected to whatsapp. That means, you can also use it on phone.
And I think the only working solutions shelter or island

Thank you for your feedback and pardon for the frustrating recommendation. I haven’t experienced this method myself, but now it’s obvious that WebApps has its own limitations.

Thanks for all the feedback. Just to let you all know, I just posted my proposal on Gitlab: https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/management/issues/389
If you want, you may post further amendments directly there.

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