Feature request: Disable Android connectivity checks which always by-pass VPN


Could this feature described by Mullvad VPN on 10 October 2022 be implemented in /e/ OS?

They have opened an issue with Google as well for this: Google Issue Tracker

The issue: Even if VPN is turned on and “block all connections without VPN” is turned on, Android still leaks private information such as IP address and WiFi access point, outside of the VPN.

GrapheneOS has apparently fixed this (although personally, I won’t trust an OS that only exists for devices manufactured by SpyCorp/Google).

It would be good to implement this feature on /e/ OS so that users’ privacy when using VPN can be better respected.


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easiest option would be to offer a GUI setting to disable it or (pre)install an App that offers to set other endpoints through GUI. See link and discussion on it at the time at Does VPN leak as described in MUL22-03 apply also to /e/OS?

as the CC serve an important purpose, I’d be cautious to disable them as a default. There is a backlog issue on it at

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