Feature to find a lost phone

I have just lost my new Murena Fairphone in the mountain and did not found any way to find it back.
I think it would be great that Murena Cloud provides such a feature out-of-the-box. Especially because the end-user will think about this feature only after his phone is lost, which is too late.

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totally agree. it’s a bit sad that this seems not to be much of a priority for murena.

after we had a discussion in the German thread about someone who lost their phone, I installed FindMyDevice on all my phones. That app is even able to do a Factory reset via SMS command.

this could be an app that might be useful to implement directly into the system @Manoj

The “feature” to find a phone is nothing else than a great gate for tracking. If you can find your phone everyone else can also: family members, friends, your personal adversaries, curious neighbors, working fellows, stalkers, profiteers, press, police and other authorities, intelligence (OK, they have much better stuff), criminals. And since many people store their damned address books online and fill them with numbers and names and addresses of many, many people (even such ones who care a lot about their data) these interested guys will know your number (or whatever address data) for sure.

Just keep order and don’t lose your phone.


This is true. FindMyDevice (Nulide / FindMyDevice · GitLab) available from f-droid or app lounge works reliable.

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wow. Could you please explain me how your neighbour, the press or even your Mother would be able to track you down, using FindMyDevice?
I’m actuall talking about the f-droid-version, that needs a trusted contact to work (or a secret pin), but even Google-FindMyDevice doesn’t support your neighbour.

and, as you accurately commented already, Police, intelligence, provider and authorities can track you down, with or without FMD acitvated.

Great if your are so confident in your ability to not loose your phone, but some people (like me) are not.
Every feature has pros and cons. Users can be asked to opt-in (or opt-out) for the feature depending on their priorities.

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No. I never used it and I did also not talk about it. But I know there are several apps out there.

I said that the user opens a gate for tracking. This begins with the fact that GPS positioning must be running all the time - I don’t have this even when I’m up in the mountains (my watch does this job for reasons). Also mobile network must be running all the time (this alone allows tracking). (BTW: you must also have reception, in the mountains in many cases you haven’t …) And then you have an app which answers to a question - what else does one need who knows the key or a backdoor in that app?

The more such a function is built-in into the OS the more it gets a known standard. Blackberry OS 10 had this built-in. But the more it gets also interesting for dubious people.

Look, many people give the neighbor a key to their house, use passwords or self defined PINs like 12345, have a paper containing all accounts, passwords, PINs and answers to security questions readable for everyone in the drawer of their desk. More questions about people?

There is also a nextcloud app that might be useful.

Hoewever, the advantage of FindMyDecice is that it also works if the phone has no connection to the internet.

Yes, but especially in a high mountain area above 2000m you can have the situation that you really don’t have any reception at all, nothing, and this can be the case all day long even if you make kilometers. Can happen.

That’s why there are indeed emergency apps which can send a message from phone to phone to phone and the first one which has reception sends the message out into a mobile network. This assumes that there are just other people around having all the same app running. (But I would never rely on that …)

I see your point, @irrlicht.

I also have my GPS always turned off.

But findmydevice (if I remember correctly) allows you to turn it off when necessary.

Edit: please read “turn it ON” when necessary

This is correct. FindMyDevice can do that.

If murena would find a way to trigger FindMyDevice from the murena cloud … this would be a valuable tool.